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Who are we?

AT-O-MA Chemicals is a forward thinking, independent family company, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of the AT-O-MA and CATERPAK range of domestic and industrial hygiene products in liquid and powder form. Production facilities at the Llandudno factory utilise the very latest automatic filling equipment and computer controlled weighing to ensure a high standard of manufacture. We also supply a number of branded products available for use in commercial,domestic and industrial sectors.

The late Norman Brierley founded AT-O-MA Chemicals in 1946 under the name North Wales Packing Company after serving as an Officer in the Royal Navy. The brand name AT-O-MA has been the property of the company since 1947 and has been used in recent times as the range of own brand products has increased. The operation moved from Conwy to its present purpose-built factory in 1960. The company is now run by the second and third generation of Brierley's. John joined the company in 1976 after completing his education at Lancaster University. His son Daniel joined the business in 2009 after a number of years travelling. 

What we do.

What we do.

AT-O-MA Chemicals produce a wide range of products for the catering industry and domestic markets. As manufacturers and formulators we have the expertise and experience to satisfy all the needs of the kitchen and laundry environment. Our janitorial range of cleaners, sanitisers, disinfectants and floor products will ensure a hygienic environment to meet strict Government guidelines in any establishment. We also provide a wide range of paper products for domestic, commercial and industrial use and are constantly increasing the number of products available for these industries.